Containers are not only sustainable, but they also save time and money.

Traditional building methods are depleting our planet's resources. It's time to start building smarter and better, with SG Blocks.


We are destroying our planet's resources. Millions of acres of forest are depleted every year, much of it harvested for building. In contrast, containers can substantially offset a development's carbon footprint and reduce the use of natural resources. Containers are strong, corrosion resistant, and can reduce construction time by up to 40%. Hard and soft costs are lower as well, particularly in expensive urban and mid-rise markets.

Containers are perfect solutions across diverse residential, industrial, commercial, and retail applications.

40% Faster Construction Time

Save 10-20% on Construction Costs

Here are a few more reasons to use SG Block's Containers for your next project:
• Environmentally Green
• Strong and Impervious
• Scalable and Reconfigurable
• Mobile and Portable
• Low Energy Utilization
• High Energy Efficiency


Who's Building with SG Blocks?

The very best companies and largest organizations trust SG Blocks to deliver their proprietary container-based solutions.

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Sustainable Solutions

Developers, builders, and architects are looking for new sustainable solutions. SG Blocks provides new ideas, tools, and products that help.