It's not as simple as it looks.

 As a matter of fact, it's really hard to turn a container into a structure that works. We know how to do it right.


Industry leaders engage SG Blocks with good reason—our expertise, proprietary best-in-class container-based testing and modeling, and container preparation and building process provide results.

Our top-tier clients know we provide safe, durable, sustainable solutions that are faster and less expensive than traditional building methods. The SG Blocks difference? Experience. We deliver an end-to-end solution on time and on budget.






SG Blocks built the first-ever Starbucks drive-through utilizing shipping containers. Located in South Salt Lake City, it is the first of several prototype stores to be opened across the country. 



SG Blocks helped build one of the Hamptons' most Eco-Friendly homes by harnessing 6 shipping containers to create a spacious, open, and highly efficient beachfront environment.


Mini Cooper


Wooing clients to your retail location has become harder. SG Blocks helped Mini Cooper create a mobile showroom that could be taken to where clients gather—a new fun and effective way to engage clients with your brand.

Sea Port


After Hurricane Sandy devastated lower Manhattan, SG Blocks was tasked with helping to revitalize the shopping and dining district using containers that could be installed quickly and cost effectively to help drive traffic.