Partner Right

SG Blocks works with industry leaders in container procurement and project financing to help make sure your idea can become a reality.

Getting The Right Box

Every project is unique and finding the right box at the right price is critical to ensure project success. Our partner makes it happen every time.



One of the leading retailers of new and used intermodal containers in the world, ConGlobal Industries provides SG Blocks with the highest quality containers based on our specific project needs from one of their 17 locations in the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica.


Financing Your Idea

An idea without money to make it happen is just an idea. SG Blocks' finance partner can provide an avenue to turning your idea into reality.


Monarch Capital

A trusted provider of unique commercial lending solutions for the construction industry, Monarch Capital has over 25 years of experience in the leasing and financing of capital equipment.
Contact us to discuss your commercial development idea, and we can help you put together the information you need to take it to the next step in funding.