Customer Centric

It's getting harder for retailers to woo customers to their retail outlets. SG Blocks helps you take your products to your customers.

Retailer Advantages

Competition is increasing and brand engagement is becoming more important than ever. But building large new stores in unproven locations is expensive, and marketing to bring your customers to your location is even more expensive. Going where your customers already are is a better strategy for creating long-term brand engagement.
SG Blocks helps some of the world's leading retailers develop unique and engaging brand experiences with small footprints or that are even mobile for pop-up retail.

Key benefits for retailers include:

  • Unique brand engagement opportunities
  • Take your products to your customers
  • Test the waters in new markets for less
  • Show your customers you're green and sustainable
  • "Green" is more marketable to consumers
  • Reduce construction time and cost