Our Products

Turning Boxes Into Environments

It all starts with a plan. We will work with you to design the perfect environment. Then, use our proprietary building methods to deliver exactly what you need.


Develop a Plan

Your plan, our plan, or a joint plan.


Container Construction

We prep and build in our depots.


Deliver to Site

Prefabrication or containers delivered.



SG Block modules are erected on site.

Key Service and Deliverables

No matter what you ask for, expect it to be done right. The earlier you get SG Blocks involved in your project, the more money we can save you through smarter engineering. From providing a structural core and shell only to complete turn key deliverables, we can help ensure your project is a success. We offer:

Complete architectural, engineering and design

Co-development or support for existing architects

Pre-development services like zoning, site plans, engineering specs, and budgeting

Builder selection and construction permits

Complete project management

Oversight of the building erection, cladding and finishes

Complete turn key projects inclusive of delivering a finished building

Saving money, time, and the environment.

SG Blocks is committed to using the Earth's resources in the most responsible way we can, with more sustainable modular and container-based construction methods.

SG Blocks believes that stewardship is a constant lifetime learning and improving process. Millions of acres of forest are depleted every year, much of it harvested for building. Through our work Valuecycling shipping containers and our application of those skills to expand into modular construction, we work every day to achieve projects more affordably, efficiently, and responsibly. Containers and prefabricated construction options are strong, resilient, and can reduce construction time by up to 40%. Hard and soft costs are lower as well, particularly in urban and mid-rise markets.

Our options are perfect solutions across diverse residential, industrial, commercial, and retail applications.

40% Faster construction time

Save 10-20% On construction costs

More reasons to use sg block's containers for your next project

Enviromentally Green

Strong and Impervious

Scalable and Reconfigurable

Mobile and Portable

Low Energy Utilization

High Energy Efficiency

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