Manufacturing Facilities

industry-leading manufacturing

Our facilities put SG Blocks at the forefront of manufacturing capabilities, with our industry-leading processes and machinery. Among other benefits that owning our facilities bring, the increased capacity leads our already low delivery times to be improved even further.

SG Echo

SG Blocks HQ factory, supporting a variety of projects as the start of a world-class manufacturing campus.

Covering the needs for a variety of SG Blocks markets

Energy-efficient, sustainable manufacturing

19-acre manufacturing site

Our main facility, leading the growth of SG Blocks’ manufacturing capabilities growth in Durant, Oklahoma. Acquired in 2020, the Echo facility is tailored to meet the needs of major markets including military, education, health care, government, commercial and residential manufacturing. The acquisition of this facility offers increased productivity and efficiency in the areas of design, estimating, manufacturing, and delivery for all related projects.

SG Waldron

The latest addition to SG Blocks manufacturing, expanding residential development capabilities and more.

16-acre site with two full additional production lines

Focus on SGB Development Corp projects

Energy-efficient, sustainable manufacturing

As the second facility in Oklahoma, the SG Waldron facility is utilized for SGB Development Corp projects as well as certain commercial projects. It allows much greater flexibility in scheduling and creates greater efficiencies in every aspect of the manufacturing process. With the Waldron facility lease, SG Blocks is tripling the manufacturing capacity, with 75 additional employees being added over a span of two years.

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