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Our solutions for the healthcare industry solve problems of capacity and availability of labs. With everything from mobile labs to turn-key pop-up medical centers, SG Blocks is your answer.

Clia Mobile Lab

Container mobile lab can be set up almost anywhere

Rapid speed to market

High volume of PCR and antigen tests

End-to-end solution

The CLIA Mobile Lab is our newest innovation in point of care healthcare solutions, developed entirely by SG Blocks. The mobile lab itself is based on a 40′ container built onto a trailer to ensure fast and easy deployment practically anywhere. Our end-to-end solution also includes staffing and billing, and is fully HIPAA compliant. With the capability to do a high volume of PCR and antigen tests daily, it will increase testing and ensure more positive outcomes.

SG Blocks can fulfill construction and design needs across a variety of phases of the medical continuum which include but are not limited to…

Remote Area Exam Units
Staff offices for those requiring quarantine or monitoring
Drive Thru / Drive Up distribution facilities
Staff Testing and re-Testing centers
Lab Facilities
Airport & Venue screening and quarantine
Mobile Imaging
Hospital/Caregiver Staff housing away from Family
First Responder Units
Mobile Dialysis

Clia Modular collection units and labs

Modular to size and needs of each project

High capacity of collected and analyzed samples

Integrated solar panels for sustainability

Test collection, medical clinic, and/or lab units available

SG Blocks has responded to the needs of the healthcare industry in announcing the CLIA suite of efficient and reliable on-site COVID-19 Testing Pods. These turn-key testing and lab facilities are housed completely in a container-based structure that can be set up virtually anywhere on the planet, then moved as needed. All CLIA Pods are designed for a safe and comfortable COVID-19 testing experience for both patients and medical staff, accommodating both small and large testing groups in order to deliver accurate and timely test results.

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Urgent Care CLIA Modular 160 CLIA Modular 480 CLIA Modular 800
SQ.FT. 1,600 160 480 800
CONTAINERS 4 - 40' ; 2 - 20' 1 - 20' 3 - 20' 5 - 20'
Height 9'-6" 9'-6" 9'-6" 9'-6"
Weight* 40' High Cube = 8,775lb, 20' High Cube = 4,630lb 40' High Cube = 8,775lb, 20' High Cube = 4,630lb 40' High Cube = 8,775lb, 20' High Cube = 4,630lb 40' High Cube = 8,775lb, 20' High Cube = 4,630lb
Build Time** 12-16 weeks 12-16 weeks 12-16 weeks 12-16 weeks
Use / Potential use Urgent Care / Lab / Medical Office / Exam Room Sample Collections Urgent Care / Lab / Medical Office / Exam Room Urgent Care / Lab / Medical Office / Exam Room
Clarity Testing (LAWA)
SQ.FT. 730
CONTAINERS COVID Testing with ability to process hundreds of tests an hour.

* Finished weights will vary depending on interior finishes and density of construction

** Build time is from state approval, and includes procurement

COVID-19 testing and services

COVID-19 was an important undertaking for SG Blocks from the start. Along with our deployment of our D-TEC solution at the LAX airport to help with screening of passengers and staff, we also provide the easy-to-use Shimadzu 2019 Novel Coronavirus Detection Kit – a ~1 hour testing kit for in vitro diagnostic use pending FDA review.

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