Frequenly Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions we get. If you have another, reach out and ask.

How Does SG Blocks Build?

SG Blocks, Inc. is a leading developer, designer, and fabricator of modular structures, and creates purpose built, pre-fabricated modules from wood, steel, and shipping containers into supreme structures. All are in line with our principles to make any project more affordable, efficient, and sustainable.

What are Containers Made From?

Shipping containers are made of Cor-Ten steel. Corner posts are designed for a 150,000 ILO 513,000 lb load. Each container and its floor structure are built to hold a 60,000 lb payload on each container floor, and can be stacked up to nine high.

How Many Containers are in the World?

There are approximately 20 million containers in the world or about 30 million TEU. A TEU is a Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit which is the measurement for containers (1x 40’ = 2 TEU). It is estimated there are approximately 5.5 million 40’ standards, 7 million 40’ HC units and 5.5 million 20’ units.

What is the Size of a Container?

While there are numerous size and type applications of intermodal containers, the cornerstone of the SG Blocks Building System is the “dry freight” container. Dry freight containers come in standard heights (8’6”) for 20’ and 40’ units with 40’ units also available in high cubes (9’6”). High cube containers are most suitable for construction.

How High Can You Build With Containers?

SG Blocks maritime grade containers can be stacked 9 high. We can also work with you to achieve the story count you need (coupled with other considerations in cost and code compliance) for the most effective building.

What Types of Facades and Finishes can be Used?

SG Blocks can work with any façades used in traditional construction including limestone, stucco, shingles, brownstone, brick and aluminum siding. We work with standard or custom finishes throughout and fit doors and windows to meet the customer’s design.

Do SG Blocks Contribute to Leed Certification?

Yes, SG Blocks helps by contributing recycling points, new technologies and proximity from project site. While each project individually achieves a LEED certification rating, (based on a wide variety of equipment choices, site design, and building layout), our product always contributes to the bottom line.

What Type of Foundations do Containers Require?

There really is no difference between conventional construction and container-based construction in terms of foundations. Any type of foundation system used in a particular area that is dictated by the subsurface soil conditions can be used.

This is Great, But What Does it Cost?

As you might imagine, SG Blocks has delivered structures that range from simple to complex. Without knowing any specifics on your project, the best we can provide is a baseline. Our entry level product (GreenSteel only), begins at $30 per square foot for a simple one story application and the price then rises proportionately for mid-rise, elevated and sprinkled structures. Costs increase based on complexity of design and scope of work SG Blocks is to perform.

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