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SG Blocks works to bring the most current and cutting-edge technologies from our factories to our development locations so that we can ensure the timely delivery of our projects. Our shareholders benefit more quickly from the appreciation of assets and cash flow from projects. Working with partners and driving manufacturing to our own factories for modular real estate development projects, we strive to use safe and green technologies as much as we possibly can to create communities that are themselves safe and green.

New construction levels in the U.S. are far below historic levels. There are not enough new housing units being built to support the growth in the overall population or individual households. SG Blocks is capitalizing on the opportunity to help solve this problem, bringing our sustainable technologies to new locations across the US.

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Jordan Bem

Ahmad Cory Jubran

Nancy Guzman

Kevin Rohani

Eric Tate

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Lago Vista

Approx. Square Feet: 270,000 sq.ft.
Approx. Site Size: 50+ acres
Approx. Number of Units: 225

Austin, TX is booming and growing rapidly, with many seeing it as the next ‘Silicon Valley’. American Drive is a unique apartment community on a scenic cul-de sac overlooking Lake Travis in the greater Austin, Texas area.

The site is currently on the market given a sharp increase in land value. Lago Vista is currently listed with Douglas Elliman for $15 million.

Monticello Mews

Approx. Square Feet: 314,160 sq.ft.
Approx. Site Size: 83 acres
Approx. Number of Units: 187

A new, unique, town-house community in the desirable Catskills, NY area. The site location in Sullivan County, NY is in a designated “Opportunity Zone” and is being developed in response to an acute housing shortage.

New job creation in the county is out-stripping housing supply. Additional commercial projects and phasing existing projects are causing employees to endure long, impractical commutes.

Cumberland Inlet

Approx. Square Feet: 1,995,600 sq.ft.
Approx. Site Size: 1,286 acres
Approx. Number of Units: 1,200 (Phase 1)

The project is envisioned to revitalize the St. Marys, GA downtown area, with an emphasis on creating a community in harmony with the natural surroundings.

The plans for the site will consist of approximately 1,280 units made up of single family, multi-family, vacation and hospitality use. The development will also house modern amenities for residents and guests including a full-service marina and village, as well as an upscale Eco-Tourism park inclusive of camping, yurts, cabins and cottages, as well as allowing space for a new SG Blocks manufacturing facility.

Norman Berry Village

Approx. Square Feet: 125,000 sq.ft.
Approx. Site Size: 6.6 acres
Approx. Number of Units: 132

Norman Berry Village sits on 7.5 acres and will target moderate income families. The property is located in East Point, Fulton, Georgia – 15 minutes outside of Atlanta and is well suited for multi-family units.

Project includes a minimum of 132 units, built in partnership with CMC Development, an Atlanta-based real-estate development firm.


Approx. Square Feet: 4,063,000 sq.ft.
Approx. Site Size: 20 acres
Approx. Number of Units: 300

McLean, located in Durant, Oklahoma, sits minutes away from the Choctaw Nation Casino and Headquarters, as well as minutes away from the Interstate Highway system which runs to Dallas and Oklahoma City, and creates much needed housing and additional quality jobs.

This residential development will convert the current agricultural-use land to approximately half a million square feet of multifamily housing with 300 units, along with a new SG Blocks manufacturing facility to meet growing demand.

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