Better for the Environment

Shipping containers typically have a useful life of 10-15 years in the shipping industry. The cost of reclaiming the raw steel from a used container is economically unfeasible. Through a process we call Value-Cyclingâ„¢ conversion of a container into an SG Block takes 1/20th the amount of energy required to reprocess a comparable weight of steel. Increasing the lifespan of a container to about 100 years, the SG Blocks system saves significant board feet of lumber and tons of new steel in addition to dramatic savings in energy expenditures, all contributing to LEED certification. SG Blocks has one of, if not the lowest, embodied energy utilizations of any structural building product on the market today, placing it high on the list of sustainable building solutions.

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SG Blocks can be used to build virtually any style of construction from traditional to modern and all in between.

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The SG Blocks Building System

Extremely durable, fire, hurricane and earthquake-resistant steel containers are designed...

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