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Structural Systems for a Sustainable World

The SG Blocks Building System is a proprietary structural engineering method that offers the building industry a safer, greener, faster, longer lasting and more economical alternative to conventional construction methods.

We redesign, repurpose, and convert heavy-gauge steel cargo shipping containers into Safe Green Building Blocks ("SG Blocks") for commercial, industrial, and residential building construction.

Our steel truss framing system offers remarkable strength across a host of asset classes. Design and exterior cladding are limited only by the imagination — SG Blocks is changing the way the world builds, one Block at a time.

Why SG Blocks?

SG Blocks can be used to build virtually any style of construction from traditional to modern and all in between.

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The SG Blocks Building System

Extremely durable, fire, hurricane and earthquake-resistant steel containers are designed...

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Using SG Blocks On Your Next Project

SG Blocks is the leader in this new technology industry.

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